Casino Gaming

This article challenges the idea that casino gaming is a cheap hobby by looking at the costs that are really involved.

More and more players from all over the world have made casino gaming into their hobby. It seems that the experts would have us believe that this hobby doesn’t cost more than any other spare time activity but is this really so? If the casino gaming was so cheap then why are there horror stories of people who lost everything on it? Read on and consider whether casino gaming really can be viewed as a cheap hobby.

Any Hobby costs Money

People who like to defend casino games as a cheap hobby often take other activities as an example of expensive hobbies. Golf and riding are sports which are very costly. They demand expensive gear, maybe even a horse! They are also time consuming, maybe even more so than online gaming. With this in mind it would seem that online gaming is cheaper but that would be too simple of a conclusion. While it is true that any hobby costs money it is a must to understand what your expectations of it are.

Playing and never winning

Someone who spends a lot of money on playing golf as a hobby mostly concerns himself with lowering his handicap and just having a good time out on the green. He doesn’t expect money back from his hobby. This is not the case with a casino gambler. The moment you step into the casino, whether it is land based or not, a little voice in your head will remind you that you are there to win. This means that your casino games as a hobby will only really be satisfying once you are winning at them. If you play a lot and never win, the hobby can no longer be dubbed a cheap one.

Bonuses and free Casino Games

Another argument for casino games as a cheap hobby is that you can play for free online by using a bonus or a free game version. If a player truly sticks to the free games then yes, online gambling can be very cheap. Reality looks different. The free games are great tools in many ways but the very fact that people are in the casino to make money makes them enjoyable for limited time. In fact, the very purpose of the free game versions is to attract more players to play with real money.

Time is Money

Time is money and when you go out to play golf or ride a horse you usually have a set time for when you start and when you quit. This is far from the reality in online casinos. Players with the time and money for it can be busy playing for hours. If you participate in tournaments you could be busy playing casino games all through the night. This can get very expensive, especially if you have to sleep in the next morning!

Casino games cannot be seen as a cheap hobby. They are time consuming and you will not be satisfied until you have actually won some money on them!

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